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If you find yourself in a situation where you are half way into your ride in the woods and something breaks (Chain, Flat, Derailleur, etc.), would you be able to fix it? It’s not fun having to walk several miles back to the car because you were unprepared. I speak from personal experience. If you love riding in the woods always be prepared for the inevitable. Here are some videos to help you learn the basic skills every mountain biker needs to know.

1 – How To Fix A Flat

Bike maintenance 101 starts with “how to fix a flat”. Always carry a set of good tire levers and a spare inner tube as well as a good air pump.

2 – How To Fix A Chain

Just about every muti-tool has a chain tool built in. Learn how to use one before hand so you can be up and running fast.  Also, get yourself a couple power links in case your derailleur breaks and you need to shorten your chain to convert to a single speed setup.

3 – How To Adjust Your Suspension

Knowing how to adjust your shox is key if you like to ride different types of terrain. There is nothing more frustrating  than showing up to a new park and you realize your shox is to soft or stiff for the terrain not to mention it could also cause a bad crash and injury. Always carry a shock pump in your back pack and know which pressures you need for the ideal ride. I use to have them written down until I learned them by heart.

4 – How To Adjust Your Derailleur

It’s inevitable that at some point in your riding career you will get a branch caught in your derailleur or you slam it against a rock knocking it out of alignment.   Knowing how your barrel adjusters and limit screws functions can keep you from experiencing inaccurate shifts on the trail that can cause your chain to jump from cog to cog (called ghost shifting). Again knowing how to convert to single speed by shortening your chain when you completely destroy you derailleur will also come in handy.


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  1.   Oct 11, 2012, 12:57 PM

    Great rear derailleur tuning video, bike shops charge around $10-15 for this and it really only takes a few minutes, and can be done while your bike is still on a trunk bike rack if you don’t have a trainer.

    How about a video showing hesitation going into smaller gears? I’ve tuned my derailleur in this way and found shifting down is hesitant. How can I fix that?

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