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If you recently got into mountain biking and are wondering how to corner with speed or maybe you’re wondering why you keep blowing fast corners, this post is for you. It’s a tutorial by James Wilson from MTB Strength Training Systems, which explains the techniques on how to handle fast corners without losing traction or speed.

Cornering requires three basic steps:

1) Turn with your hips. Set up for a turn with the hips by pointing your belly button the direction you want to go. This will shift your hips to the outside and shift some weight to your outside foot. The more you shift your hips the more you’ll want to drop and weight your outside foot.

2) Use counter-pressure to steer into the turn. Counter pressure (which I prefer to the term counter-steering) is when you push forward with your left arm to turn left and push forward with your right elbow to turn right. This gets your bike to lean over and your front wheel to track better through the corner. The more you push with your left hand the sharper you’ll turn left, the more you push with your right the more you’ll turn right.

It is the complete opposite of how most riders steer into a turn and impossible to pull off unless you are in the right body position on the bike. However, this concept is very important to learn if you want to be able to corner consistently. It freaked some of my campers out how their bike practically turned itself once they got this concept down.

3) Look through the turn. With all of this hip shifting and counter-pressure you have to look through the corner. Going into the corner you should be looking at the middle of it, not the entrance. Once you hit the entrance you should be looking at the exit and once you hit the exit you should be looking out of the corner at the next section of trail.

Tutorial by: MTB Strength Training Systems


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