RockShox Reverb 2012 Seatpost (Review)

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RockShox has released an updated version of the Reverb seat post for 2012. I had the first version for nearly a year and like many people I’ve had my share of problems with it. Fortunately, after having to ship it back on two occasions RockShox decided to replace it with the 2012 version.

The old version had several flaws which I’m told have been addressed. The main flaw was the faulty internal seal that would cause the shox to lose air and not extend. The second issue was the hose connection to the post. The hose was so long most people would have to shorten it and if not done correctly the system would have to be purged of air every few weeks or the remote would not work.

So what’s new on the 2012 version? Well, for starters I was told by a SRAM Rep that the internal seals have been redesigned. The second upgrade is the cable connector to the seat post, which (plastic on the old version) has been replaced by a much sturdier metal screw-on connector. The cable is also much shorter so there is no need to shorten it like the ridiculously long old one. The only other noticeable change is the color of the aluminum seal cover has been painted black. I’m guessing it’s to distinguish the new version from the old one.

It’s only been a few weeks now since I received the new version and so far, “knock on wood”, it’s been working flawlessly. I seriously hope they got it right this time because I really like the feel, look, and the remote hydraulic actuation of the Reverb. I would hate to be disappointed again. I’ll post an update in a few months.

You can find a review of the old Reverb, KS 950r and Joplin 4r at this link.

June 16, 2012 – Thought I’d give you a quick update on the seatpost. I’m happy to say the Reverb is still working flawlessly. It’s been six months since I installed the post and not once have I had to bleed or service the post.

The 2012 Reverb is the first seatpost that’s worth the mega-bucks you have to shell out for it. It’s an absolute winner in my book. Grab one Here.

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