Create Action Sports Videos That Don’t Suck

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Here it is! Hot off the press and it’s FREE! “Create Action Sports Videos That Don’t Suck” – An Amateur’s Guide to Producing Action Sports Videos with GoPro. My first eBook.

My focus in the book is walking you through all the steps necessary to create fun and engaging videos your friends will rave about.

I cover things like:

-What’s the best editing software to use?
-How to properly render your video?
-How to fix bad GoPro footage?
-How to best work with the MPEG-4 (.mp4) file format?
-How to optimize your computer for HD?
-What should you consider before heading out to film?

All important questions I tackle in this book and so much more.

Beside all the information packed into the guide, I including several video tutorials and resources to help you quickly start editing like a pro.

Editing Principles (Video Tutorial) – I’ll walk you through my work flow and editing fundamentals. Some of the topics I will cover are:

-Creating a Sequence
-Sorting your Footage
-Soundtrack and Audio
-Flow and Transitions
-Color Correcting Footage

Batch Converting MP4 to AVI (Video Tutorial) – I’ll share with you how to best convert your GoPro (.mp4) files to the non-compressed (.avi) file format for easier editing.

Fixing Bad Footage (Video Tutorial) – I walk you step-by-step on how to fix dark, grainy, and washed out footage.

You can learn more and pick up a FREE copy by clicking (HERE)


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  1.   Apr 20, 2012, 6:13 PM

    Hey Manny Congrats! I got the book even though I’ve had my gopro for a while. Lots of great tips! Kudos man!

  2.   Apr 20, 2012, 7:39 PM

    Thanks Mike!

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