Hi, my name is Manny and I live in Bergen County New Jersey. My professional background is in hospitality and management, but my passions in life are my family, cinematography, and of course mountain biking.

As an avid mountain biker I was constantly searching for information on different biking trails and always felt frustrated by the lack of good reviews–let alone any video reviews. One day, after purchasing my first sports camcorder, I set out to record some of the local trails here in New Jersey. A few videos later and the Video Trail Reviews.Com concept was born.

My goal is to review as many legally ridable parks on the East Coast of the US as possible. I want to make this an easy-to-use website with all the available trail information for you to plan your riding trips. As with any enjoyable website it will give “you”, the user, an opportunity to contribute to its value by using the “5 Star” rating system to rate the trails.

No grainny boring videos here! …I bring you professional high definition video reviews. All the video content on this site is exclusively produced by Video Trail Reviews.Com.

Thanks for taking the time to visit …I hope you enjoy it! Please help support my efforts by sharing the videos and site with your friends on social media.

– Manny